Philadelphia Business Journal

Top 25 Video Production Firms in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Business Journal just ranked Crossbow Studio in 2009’s top 25 video production firms. Incredible to be on the same list as some of Philadelphia’s most forward-thinking and talented companies. Cheers!

DC Shorts 2009

Praise for Tripping Up from DC Shorts

The selection committee from the DC Shorts Film Festival wrote about Tripping Up, calling it, “a sweet, simple story that is told in a way that still appears refreshingly young and innocent.”

Laura Piccoli as Maggie in the film, Level Up

Level Up Cast

Laura Piccoli and Leo Koorhan, the young stars of Tripping Up, play the parts of Maggie and Tim in the film Level Up. Mia Vallet, another beautiful and talented actor from Lower Merion, plays the part of Amanda.