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Level Up Cast

Laura Piccoli as Maggie in the film, Level Up

Laura Piccoli and Leo Koorhan, the young stars of Tripping Up, play the parts of Maggie and Tim in the film Level Up. Mia Vallet, another beautiful and talented actor from Lower Merion, plays the part of Amanda.

Our next production is under way

Level Up behind the scenes

Our next production is titled Level Up. And even though the name is similar to our last short, that’s where the similarity ends. Okay, it also stars the same two actors from Tripping Up, and the story is also about a high-school relationship. But really, those are the only similarities. You can read the brief […]

Two Screenings at West Chester Film Festival

West Chester Film Festival

Got the screening schedule for the West Chester Film Festival this coming weekend. Friday April 24 at 7pm and Saturday, April 25 at 12:00pm. Both screenings are at the Chester County Historical Society. We can use your vote for the Audience award so if you are anywhere in the Philadelphia area venture over and watch […]